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Shared flat House rules

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Shared flat House rules

Accept and respect your flatmates customs.
Pay the rent on time, the first 5 days of the month.
Care of all the household equipment as if it was yours.
Respect the norms of coexistence of the community.
Respect the timetable and sleeping time of your flatmates.
It is forbidden to do parties from 23h onwards weekday and from 24h weekends.
If you are going to do a party, infrom your flatmates.
If you are going to bring friends to sleepover, inform your flatmates.
The bedrooms and the possessions of your flatmates are private.
It is forbidden to change furniture or to occupy an empty bedroom without permission.
The flats have the basic household equipment and furniture.
Towels, cleaning prodcuts and hygiene are not included in the price.
The cleaning of the public areas must be made by each one.
Wash de dishes and clean the kitchen after using them, for a better coexistence.
The garbage is removed every single day.
Try NOT to misuse water and electricity.
- Any damaged caused to the flat durning your stay must be fixed or payed.
- Careful with your keys, if you lose them you will have to pay for the copy.
- When leaving home close the door and turn off the lights.
- Pets are forbidden.
- Smoking in public areas is forbidden.
- The last day of your stay the room is checked and everything must be clean and as it is was received.
- When Universal Students or the owner asks you for access to the apartment and your room you must facilitate the visit.


Universal students

Pásate a conocernos

Visita nuestra oficina, te informaremos de tu a tu de los alojamientos, las ofertas de trabajo, las actividades y todas las informaciones que necesites.

Universal Students, es una empresa española constituida en Valencia en 2003 con la misión de cubrir las necesidades de los estudiantes que estudian fuera de su país.

Pasaje Dr. Bartual Moret, 6-1-J-3 46010 Valencia

Horarios de atención:
Lunes a Viernes 9:30 a 13:30. / 16:30 a 18.30h.
Febrero y Septiembre: 9:30 a 18:30h.

Teléfonos y mail de contacto:
+34 96 389 07 66 | +34 652 952 042