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The Gateway of the Students
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In our development phase, we received advice from the Fundaci6n Universidad Empresa CADEIT), the lVAj and the CEEI CCentro Europeo de Empresas Ilnnovadoras).

YEAR 2003 Beginning of the activity

The company born after the studies in Business Administration at Univer- sity of Valencia (Spain) and 5UPDECO Montpellier (France). The company always received the support of prestigious institutions like Fundaci6n Universidad-Empresa CADEIT), lVAj and CEEI (Innovative companies Euro- pean Centre) in all the process of creation and development of the projed We would like to thank all of them for this support.


YEAR 2004

We enroll the Club de Empresas CEEI (Innovative Companies European Centre) in February 2004. To enrol the Club, compa- nies must discharge, at least, 3 requirements:

"Company must have a viab/e project"

"La empresa tiene que poseer un plan de empresa viable"

"This p/an must be revised and accepted by CEEI technicians"

"Company must be committed by a business ethical code"

with us



l5th February 2006, the Agenda Valenciana de Turismo (Genera)!tat Valenciana) gives the certificate of complementary services for tourism (NR-V-59).

l5th June 2006, the University of Valencia (Economics Faculty) and ADEIT celebrates an act where University World is nominated as one of the collaborators for their Internship programs. The dean, vicerector and "Camara de Comercio" de Valencia attend the celebration.

Our services are recommended by the Student Exchange Office of the most important Vallencian Universities that use our services frequently:

  • University of Valencia
  • University Polkemica of Valencia
  • University Cardenal Herrera CEU,
  • Estema, UEM
  • University Cat6lica of Valencia
  • Florida Universitaria

and others that offer our services continue.

University World 5.L. has created the brand UNIVERSAL STUDENTS as an image that reflects all services we provide to all students partici- pant at the international university exchange. For these reasons, the logo is dMded in three parts: the Earth Globes (Meaning our inter- national view), the words "Universal Students" our name, and "Housing and free-time" trying to give an idea about the services provided by our company.

The colors Cyellow and blue) are a combination which expresses vitality and contrast. We also try to identify two of the characteristics associated to Spain with the colors: blue for the sea surrounding our mainland which is really important for our city and Mediterranean life, and yellow, symbolizing the light and sun.

Come and meet us,

Visit our office and we inform you about the accommodation, the work´s offers, the activities, and all the information you need.

Universal Students is a spanish company created in Valencia since 2003 with the mission of covering the needs of the foreign students.

Pasaje Dr. Bartual Moret, 6-1-J-3 46010 Valencia

Opening hours:
Monday to friday: 9:30 a 13:30. / 16:30 a 18.30h.
February and September: 9:30 a 18:30h.

Phone and mail contact:
+34 96 389 07 66 | +34 652 952 042

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