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1.- Roman times: Founded by the romans during the II Century A.C., the city was named Valentia.

2.- Arab Legacy: El Cid campeador freed the city from the Arab dominance (there is a statue in his honour found at Plaza de España, Valencia).

3.- Reconquered : in 1238 by Jaume I, who gave the laws to el Reino de Valencia.

4.- Middle Ages: The XV and XVI century helped develop the city´s economic, political and cultural life. Valencia became one of the biggest economic powers in the Mediterranean. Las Torres de serrano, La Lonja and El Miguelete are emblematic buildings from this period.

5.- Industrial Revolution: during the beginning of the XX Century, numerous industries, including the metal and textile industries were developed.

6.- XX Century: Valencia was the capital city of the Spanish Republican Government during the Spanish Civil War.

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Do you know...

  • Spain is organized into 17 autonomous communities.
  • It is estimated that in the whole world, approximately 400 million people speak Spanish.
  • Spain is the second most touristical country in the world with regards to the number of visits received and income spent by the tourist. In 2003 more than 50.000.000 tourist visited Spain and spent more than $40 million. (Evidence: World Tourism Organization).
  • La Comunidad Valenciana has 4.200.000 inhabitants and the city counts with more than 100.000 hotel spots, 10.000 restaurants and more than 20 golf courses
  • Universidad de Valencia was founded in 1942 and it is one of the oldest ones in Europe. You can visit the original headquarters at (C/ Universidad s/n).
  • The annual average temperature in Valencia is 22-25º C.
  • The Oceanográfico (found in Valencia) is the biggest aquarium in Europe.
  • Over 90.000 university students live in Valencia.
  • Valencia club de Fútbol (V.C.F.) received the tittle of the Best Football Team in the world, in 2003, given by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics.
  • The America's Cup 2007; the oldest sport-competition in the world, world, will be celebrated in Valencia.

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Universal Students is a spanish company created in Valencia since 2003 with the mission of covering the needs of the foreign students.

Pasaje Dr. Bartual Moret, 6-1-J-3 46010 Valencia

Opening hours:
Monday to friday: 9:30 a 13:30. / 16:30 a 18.30h.
February and September: 9:30 a 18:30h.

Phone and mail contact:
+34 96 389 07 66 | +34 652 952 042

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